At SAS Data Tech we understand your business needs, and deliver award winning solutions

When you’re spoiled for choice, how do you select an application development firm to bring your ideas to life? Simple – work with one that understands your business needs as well as you do. One that can craft elegant solutions to business problems. One that saves you time and money, rather than adding to your stress and workload. One that keeps their promises, and delivers on time. One that comes highly recommended and at very reasonable rates. 

Understand Your Needs

The first step to crafting a great solution, is getting a detailed understanding of your goals. That way, we ensure that what we’re building meets those goals, and scales to support your future growth.

The technical platform is the foundation of your product – and it needs to be rock solid. You need a product that’s functional and responsive, backed by an established and highly recommended team to support you in the long run.

Deliver Top Quality Work

Your product needs to be built to the highest standards, otherwise it won’t grow with your business.

We’re fully transparent. You have total insight into your project at all times through our code and project management systems.

Our code goes through 3 layers of testing and quality assurance before going live – this minimises the chance of any flaws.

We develop in line with industry leading security standards which helps keep you safe from costly attacks and data breaches.

We build modular code, so new features can be added and existing features can be changed with minimum fuss.

Build an Intuitive Interface

Too many development firms drown in their own code, and lose sight of the real customers using the system.

You shouldn’t need to be an expert developer to understand and use your own product. We’ll help you through your designs and user journeys, making sure they’re intuitive, fast and responsive.


With over 17 years experience in business, we’re here to support you in the long term with hosting, security, updates, backups and monitoring. We take care of the tech, so that you can focus on your business.

Give us a call – we’re here to talk at any time!